Update from the Andersen’s

Hello dear friends!

It’s about that time for another little update from us!
The last months have been pretty busy and we’ve had the privilege of being apart of many fun things.
We’ve had DTS graduations, a wedding, a quick trip to England and been apart of The Send ++!!On the 25th June The Send took place and it gathered almost 10,000 people together to worship and gave them the opportunity to make the decision to live ALL IN for Jesus! To live a life that glorifies His name in whatever area of society you are in, whether it is in your job, your family and neighbourhoods or to say yes to being in missions full time etc… It was a 12hr event – 10am til 10pm and MIRACULOUSLY I (Laura) stayed the entire time! I remember laying on the couch a year ago and was hoping that I would be able to go to the event but didn’t know how it would be possible.. well fast forward a year and I was there standing with all those other people praising God, I even jumped around a little haha!! God is soooooo GOOD!Gøran was actually asked to help translate for some of the speakers and he did such an incredible job (Proud wife over here) but it was such an awesome opportunity for him to step out of his comfort zone and learn how to translate for different types of speakers.
And in the week leading up to The Send he was in Oslo (capital of Norway) for Hope for Oslo (a week of reaching out through creative evangelism to the city)! He, along with 500 other people got to learn new ways to do evangelism and saw God move in many different ways. He got to share the gospel and pray for many people and some were even healed! (Testimony of this below)

Then the following week after The Send we went to Rogaland Base to be apart of a call centre that was following up all the people that had given some kind of response on the day of The Send. Gøran was leading the team responsible for ringing those that had given their lives to Jesus or had rededicated their lives to Him.
He was able to encourage them and share about what it means to be saved and how to grow in their relationship with God through fellowship, prayer and Bible reading.


Healing on the streets

I Goran was out evangelizing during Hope for Oslo and one time I came in contact with 4 young guys and we started talking. I asked questions about their faith and I realized they weren’t christians. I figured out that one of them had pain in his wrist, so I prayed for his wrist twice without seeing any change. I ended up sharing the gospel with all four of them and then towards the end I remembered the guy’s wrist again and asked if I could pray one more time. He let me and so after praying this third time the wrist was totally healed! After seeing this miracle from Jesus, one of the other guys shouted out; «Oh can you pray for my back, I have pain in my lower back». I did and the pain left as well! It was a wonderful time of sharing the gospel in great detail and seeing the Holy Spirit move!