Update from the Andersen’s

Hello dear friends

It’s around that time again for another little update from us! Thank you for wanting to read and hear about what we’ve been up to, it’s such a blessing! However we are trying to figure out if newsletters are the best way to keep people informed, so if you enjoy reading these updates please let us know or if you have a thought about what could be better/easy to stay up to date also please let us know! We’d love some feedback!! 🙂 🙂

But on to some super fun news…. We went to Australia!!!! 
It was such a quick decision, the borders finally opened up, Gøran had a few weeks break from work and ticket prices had come down so we prayed and decided to go for it! 
We feel so blessed that we were able to go and see my family, it had been 3 years since I last saw them! We got lots of special times with friends and nieces and nephews, it really was just so sweet to be there. I (Laura) ate lots of pumpkin (we can’t really get that here in Norway) and Gøran got to practice his Australian accent… 😉 
All in all, it was a great trip! We’ll add some pics below! 

We flew home, had Easter weekend to rest and then we went straight to Grimerud YWAM base and spent a week at The Send Bootcamp. 
(The Send is a movement to catalyze people into living all in for Jesus in whichever «mission field» they are called to)
So it was a mini conference for those involved with the Send to pray for, dream about and get equipped to share more about it in these months leading up to the event. If you haven’t heard about The Send there is a link below that will take you to their website! 
We came away feeling very encouraged and excited for what God is going to do in Norway and through the teams travelling around the country right now in preparation for The Send event. 

I’ve been doing a lot better these past few months as I went through a brain training course in Feb that has helped many people with Chronic Fatigue get a lot better if not fully recovered! 
I’m still in a process and it takes time but I’m seeing my body getting better and better which is just so exciting and encouraging for my heart and Gøran’s! 
I still appreciate all your prayers for full healing as I’ve still got a long way to go but it feels as though there is a very visible hope now!! So thank you for standing with me, it means the world <3













We got to pray for one of my brother’s friends who had a injury in his back from working out. We prayed a few times for healing and eventually it started getting better and better! After a little while the pain was completely gone and the guy could move and bend in ways he couldn’t do before!! 

Another time when Gøran was in town he saw 3 different women walking with a limp, he asked all 3 if he could pray for them but only 1 said yes. After he prayed all the pain left and she was totally shocked! He got to share that it was Jesus and about how much He loves her! 

So just a little encouragement to not just give up praying after 1 time, sometimes when we go after healing and pray multiple times healing is released!!! 

Påskevandring i ord og toner – 1. påskedag

Påskevandring i ord og toner – Skjærtorsdag

New update from the Andersen´s

Hello dear friends!

Spring has finally sprung, the sun is out and we have a lot to share!

It’s been an exciting past few months with the DTS students out on outreach and hearing all that God has been doing in and through them! Gøran got to visit 1 of those teams in Turkey/Albania and he had the BEST time! It was so nice for him to be back in Turkey and to speak Turkish again! He went to encourage the team and to join in on what they were doing for 1 week! There was lots of friendship evangelism, prayer, worship and good food! He also got to see some very dear friends who are now missionaries in Albania and that was super special! Pictures below!

As of yesterday all the outreach teams are back and we have started Re-entry week, which is the last week of our DTS! So this Saturday is the graduation and the end of another 6 month school. It’s been a privilege and an honour to walk with these students and staff and to see them grow and experience more with God!
We will have staff debrief and some leadership training in the weeks to come and then Gøran has some time off before continuing to plan the next school… which leads me to our next update….

Australia has finally opened up it’s borders and we felt that it was time to try to visit my family and be home for a few weeks!
So tickets are booked! We will leave Norway the 23rd March and come home the 13th April!
It’s been almost 3 years since we have been home and seen family so we are extremely excited to finally be going!
Please pray that the borders stay open and that we are able to travel in and out without complications!

Obviously a trip like this costs a lot so if you would like to help us cover some of the expenses you can do so through the options below!
Either way we are so grateful to have you here and that you want to read about what God’s doing in our life.
Thank you!!!

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New update from the Andersen´s

Vil du være med å bygge menigheten?

Vi leter etter noen som kan være med å bygge menigheten vår sammen med oss.

Les mer om dette HER.

Solstrand Camping: Ledige stillinger

Ledig 50% vikariat som Barne- og ungdomsarbeider

Nyhetsbrev fra Sri Lanka september 2020

Bente Hinz fra OM Norge

Bente Hinz fra OM Norge taler i Betania Kristiansand søndag 27. oktober kl. 17:00.

Bente er vokst opp i DFEF, nærmere bestemt i Lyngdal, og har vært på barne-, junior- og ungdomsleirer på Solstrand helt siden hun var ei lita jente. Gift med en fantastisk mann fra Danmark, og sammen har de tre gutter på snart 10, 14 og 15 år. I sommer flyttet de fra Lyngdal til Slettheia ettersom Gud viste dem det.

OM (Operasjon Mobilisering) er en global og tverrkirkelig misjonsbevegelse som ønsker å nå ut til dem som enda ikke har hørt evangeliet om Jesus. De jobber sammen med lokale menigheter, og hvis det ikke er noen menighet der de reiser, starter de nye menigheter. OM har 5000 fulltidsmedarbeidere i ca 110 land. Alle som jobber i OM-bevegelsen jobber frivillig og får lønn gjennom gaver fra menigheter, venner og familie.

Bente brenner for misjon, og som 19-åring reiste hun til India gjennom OM Norge. Der ble hun i 9 år. I senere tid har hun ledet mange misjonsturer til India, Polen, Mongolia og Moldova. Nå jobber hun som landsleder for OM Norge, og har gjort det siden sommeren 2018.

Da hun jobbet med misjon i India som 19-åring, fikk hun være med på mye forskjellig. Alt fra å gå fra dør til dør med bibler og kristne bøker i en bokbag, undervise i drama og gitar, starte opp og lede et musikkteam med kun jenter fra ulike stater i India (snakker ulike språk), til å forkynne evangeliet om frelsen i Jesus gjennom konserter, dukketeater og drama, og vitnesbyrd. Hun studerte også hindi, som er hovedspråket av de viktigste 13 språkene i landet (finnes 1300 ulike språk og dialekter i tillegg).

Visjonen til OM er dette: De vil se levende fellesskap av Jesus etterfølgere blant de minst nådde! De ønsker også å inspirere og trene menigheter til misjon ute og hjemme blant innvandrere.