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Hello dear friends

First off we want to say that wherever in the world you are right now we hope you are well. We also want to encourage you to take a minute and think of 3 things you are grateful for or 3 things that make you smile.

Are you smiling now? Good… practicing gratefulness can turn our lives around!
3 things we are very grateful for:

1. YOU – cheesy yes… but very true! We are so grateful for each one of you reading our newsletters, replying with encouraging words and the prayers you pray! We really couldn’t be doing what we get to do each day without such an incredible group of people around us, so thank you, truly.

2. Norway has officially taken away all corona restrictions. We are grateful for this however long it may last 😉

3. Our new place!! Every morning I (Laura) just feel so blessed to have a kitchen and to be able to be in another room other than my bedroom. It brings me a lot of joy to have our own space! Gøran obviously also loves it… I’m just here more than him 😉


DTS 2021/22 has startttteeeddd!!!! 

We are already into our second week of the school. It started on the 17th September and we had some great start up days with lots of getting to know each other, games, good food and worship! It’s already such an incredible atmosphere in worship, people are just going for it and giving the glory to He who is Worthy!!!
Our first week of lectures was The Gospel with Geir Fagerbakke and now we have his amazing wife Elin Fagerbakke sharing on the Father heart of God!!

So recap:
33 students
11 full time staff
5 part time staff
1 incredible mentor team
3 school leaders
12 weeks of amazing lectures

= An awesome fall! We are so excited!


I was driving Laura to an appointment last week and while waiting for her I had some little jobs to do. While doing them I got ask 4 different people in different locations if I could pray for them as they all needed some sort of physical healing. The first person said no. The next two people allowed me to pray for them but they sadly did not get healed in that moment.
The last person who I got to pray for had his foot run over by a forklift and had a lot of pain up the side of his body because of it. He allowed me to pray for him and he was COMPLETELY HEALED!!

Now its easy to ask why only the 4th person got healed and the others didn’t, that’s where I choose to trust God and His goodness. It’s important that we do not allow what we don’t experience stop us from going after what the bible says is possible! We need to keep stepping out, cause who knows.. maybe it’ll be your fourth person who gets healed… or the 5th, or 20th… but I do know we are called to step out and show His love to the people around us, in whatever way Holy Spirit leads us in.


Some photos of life lately


– Unity and love on the school
– Laura’s healing
– Wisdom and grace to lead and love wellThank you so much for standing with us. We love you and are so grateful for you.
Please let us know if there are things we can be standing in prayer with you for <3
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