Well hello friend!

Hope life is good and that something made you smile today!

It’s been a busy last few months for us and will continue to be pretty full on until Christmas break in December! We are on Week 7 of the DTS, the topic has been Relationships and then next week is Destiny by Design which is about how God has created us all with unique giftings, skills and talents and how we can use those things in the calling on our lives – it’s a really fun week for the students!

We’ve also been able to have 2 Open Meetings at the base so far..
(Opening meeting – an evening were people outside the base can come and listen to the teacher of that week and worship/hangout with the school!)
It’s a great way to open up to the community and we really missed these evenings during the strict Corona restrictions! It’s truly such a blessing to be so many worshiping and loving on Jesus together!

Healing testimony from one of our students:
» When I grew up I was lactose intolerant and I used to get so much stomach pain every time I drank milk which made me really afraid of normal milk to the point that I got really paranoid about it eg. if a lactose free milk was in the fridge and had been opened I was afraid someone had changed the milk in the carton into normal milk, so I wouldn’t drink the opened lactose free milk. Another interesting thing was that I was so afraid of healing, because then I had to test if I had been healed by drinking normal milk.
One day in Holy Spirit week on the DTS, we had 24 hours of prayer and fasting, and in one of the prayer slots as I was sitting with 3 other girls they asked to pray for me and I got really nervous, but agreed that they could pray for me. After they prayed I felt like something had happened. Then the next week a co-student told me that I should try to drink some normal milk. I got so scared, but decided to do it. As I was holding the glass of normal milk, I was shaking so much, but I pretty much shotted the glass of milk down!
As I waited, I got no pain, then the following week, I tried all kinds of different things like hot chocolate, brown cheese, porridge and milk. I have not had any pain in the last two weeks! Jesus healed me!

The students received their outreach locations and teams!!
(Outreach – the 2 month missions focused trip normally to a different nation/nations)
If all goes well with corona and travel restrictions we will be sending out 4 teams in January to the following locations:
– Turkey and Albania
– Colombia and Amsterdam
– Amsterdam and Malawi
– Papua New Guinea

Please stand with us in pray that the teams will be able to travel and that it’ll go smoothly with getting visas etc…
Outreach is such an important part of the DTS and we really believe lives will be changed through these teams, including the lives of the teams themselves! It’s such a powerful experience if you lean in and let God lead!

Life recap

– Gøran spent a weekend in Bergen at a Missions conference with a group from the school! He said it was an amazing weekend where over 30 christian organisations from Norway stood together for one purpose: To see the Unreached reached!

– Our precious little niece was dedicated to God last Sunday, so we had a beautiful day with family celebrating that.

– Gøran also traveled to Hamar for Workers Gathering last week!
(Workers Gathering – a yearly event to gather all YWAM workers in Norway, to dream, worship and encourage one another)

– I (Laura) found out I can’t have milk proteins… so that’s fun. Bye bye yummy cheese and chocolate.


– Laura’s health, it’s been a bit worse this fall so we are praying for energy levels to increase and pain levels to decrease!!
– Outreach for the staff and students, that borders will stay open and visa’s will be approved quickly!

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