Update from the Andersen’s

Hello friends! 

It’s been a while since our last update, and with very good reason.
On 19th September our little Emanuel Andersen came into the world!
Weighing 4000g and 49cm long! Our perfect little boy.
So… we’ve been a little busy figuring out parenthood haha
The birth itself went very well however afterwards I (Laura) lost 2.2litres of blood due to the uterus not contracting. I had to be operated on and ended up staying in the hospital a total of 5 days. Despite all the extra complications we are so grateful it went well in the end and that I’m slowly getting stronger.
It has meant though that my recovery time has been a lot longer, due to my energy already being reduced from before birth as well.
Even though its challenging healthwise we are loving parenthood, Emanuel is just the most beautiful little boy, he sleeps well, eats lots and loves cuddles! We are trying to soak in all the newborn moments and love on him as much as we can! He is now 7 weeks old and growing fast, we are learning so much each day and adjusting to the new rhythms of life!

The DTS has also started and is also 7 weeks into lecture phase!!
God is moving as always! They are hungry for more of Him and are really going after it! During Holy Spirit week many people received the gift of tongues and were filled with the Holy Spirit! We had 7 students/staff get baptized a few weeks ago and there’s been several healings! One of our staff had chronic pain in her back and knees for the last 5 years and got instantly healed in a meeting!


In January we are planning to go visit all of our family in Australia and introduce them to Emanuel!
And from Australia we are going to travel to Albania to do a pastoral visit to follow up one of the DTS outreach teams!Tickets right now are around 50,000kr or $7,000 AUD for us 3.
We are currently lacking 15,000 kr or $2,000 AUD.

We want to take the opportunity to ask you to pray about helping us with a financial gift to get us to Australia and Albania. If you’d like to give the information is below!

Vipps: 92304452
Konto: 30602251973

Either way, we’d appreciate all the prayer for financial provision, safe travels and that Emanuel is a good traveler just like his parents 😉