Update from the Andersen’s

Hello friends!

It’s been a wild last few months for us! We’ll try to keep this update as short and sweet as possible but we have lots of fun things to share!


Emanuel is now almost 6 months old! It’s been the craziest 6 months, learning how to be parents and getting to know this little guy! We are loving it though, he brings us so much joy and beauty! We are trying to find a good balance of work and looking after him as Laura still isn’t in a place healthwise where she can be with Emi 100%. But we are praying and believing for healing over her body and that God will give us wisdom in this process.

We’ve also just come home from 5 weeks in Australia and 1 week in Albania.

The number 1 question we get asked about our travel time is:

“How was Emanuel with all the travel?”

He was the absolute dream! 15 flights in total and he crushed 13 of them haha!!

But Australia truly was so incredible! Here’s the 6 weeks summed up in 6 points

  • Emanuel meeting Laura’s family and spending time together
  • Being a part of a precious friend’s wedding
  • Emanuel’s first beach experience (sounds better than it was haha)
  • Gøran taught on The Father Heart of God at the YWAM base that we first met on 10 years ago
  • Making new friends and connections
  • The pastoral visit to our team in Albania

You might be wondering.. but guys, how did you afford to do this big trip??

We’d love to tell you. It’s all God.

On the 26th December we got a card from some dear friends who wanted to help us come home to see my family. In the card they wrote that many of our dearest friends had all given towards our trip and had gathered in 19,000kr ($3000)!!!!!!!

The day after we get a call from a our friend’s older brother. He said Gøran’s name had come up in his prayers lately and felt to give us 16,000kr ($2500)!!!

We’ve had many smaller gifts come in along the way and it’s been wild to see how God has provided and always does!!

Spent time with our amazing friends that we did DTS with 10 years ago! They just had their 5th baby and we had our 1st!


Our outreach teams have just come home and had an incredible time out in the nations! We will send another update with testimonies from this time soon!

Tonight is graduation and we feel so blessed to have been a part of another school, another group of students whose lives who have been forever changed by their encounters with God through this DTS. Thank you for joining us throughout this school, for listening to the testimonies and for cheering on what God is doing here in  YWAM Kristiansand!

Gøran is already into planning the next one with teachers being booked, students being accepted.. all the behind the scenes of planning a school!



  • At the end of March we will be traveling to YWAM Ålesund as Gøran will be teaching about Discipling the Nations on their DTS!(Fun fact – Laura’s brother is a student on the school)
  • End of April we will be travelling to The Middle-East to speak on a DTS.
  • Gøran will be helping organise a travelling team for this spring! They will be travelling round Norway ministering to churches, youth groups, boarding schools and doing evangelism! We will hopefully get to join them on some trips.
  • We are also working on planning a youth camp called “Catch the Wave” for August that will be like a mini DTS to equip and strengthen young people in this area. (more info about this will come in next newsletter)

Thank you for following along and cheering on us! It means more than you know! We also want to be available for you in any way we can! If you need prayer, someone to talk to or interested in YWAM send us an email! We’d love to hear from you!